solid blackFormulated by one of the best-selling trusted brands today, the Millennium Tanning Solid Black Tanning Lotion is an incredibly low priced tanning solution that produces your ideal dark results. What we loved most about it is that it bestows you with a fabulous tan in an instant, right when you need it most!

This product is similar to the Black Storm Tanning Lotion from the same manufacturer, but the main difference lies in its astounding Ultra Advanced 100X Silicone Bronzer! Still, beyond this capability, it manages to maintain a reasonable price within reach of all tanning enthusiasts of any tan level.

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As incredible as its superfast effectiveness, it has amassed an overwhelming amount of Amazon customer reviews at 1904 to this day and counting, with an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and tons of awesome feedback.

Expert Tanner Detailed Review


This innovative lotion is another creation of Millennium Tanning, a brand popular for many good reasons, including high quality tanning solutions perfectly matched with top notch models flashing a superb tan!

Bottle Size and Design

The tanning bottle arrives in 13.5 ounce size with a classy grey and white color, showing off nice bold white fonts of Solid Black and a cross amidst intricately detailed sassy chic curves.

Lotion Consistency and Application

The lotion looks and feels a bit fluid but this makes way for easy and even lathering on your entire body. You’ll be ready to lay on the tanning bed or go sunbathing in no time. The non-greasy substance rubs on nicely on your skin and dries up fast, where you will definitely see nice results!

It makes you feel great with smooth skin that’s quite pleasing to touch. However, we’ve noticed that if you fail to thoroughly apply it, there may be some noticeable build-up which fades after you’ve had one or two showers. We give credit to its apparently huge amount of bronzer, so just make sure to fully rub it in, which can be effortlessly achieved if you savor the time pampering yourself while doing so.


Enjoy tanning under the sun or relaxing in a tanning bed while you feel surrounded with flowers in bloom. The orchid scent smells fresh and sweet, almost as if it wasn’t a tanning lotion, and this sure makes it stand out from the rest! It also has a distinctive lovely fragrance that lingers long after you’ve finished your tanning session.

Darkening Results

Even with just very short tanning sessions of once or twice a week, this tanner brings forth a significant golden dark transformation which is unmistakably its 100x auto-darkening quality! It’s so visible that putting it on for the first time makes a big difference in itself. We give it a thumbs up after having tested on natural dark skin complexion, since it shines through with people delightfully noticing the change in tan.

You’ll be smiling upon emerging from the tanning bed, because your beautiful body will be smirking “Orange you glad you look far from orange?” Instead, you get the golden glow you’ve only dreamed of.

Tanning Cost

Millennium Tanning ensures you get the best value for every dollar you spend, which comes just about the same surprising amount per ounce of the Solid Black tanning lotion. It’s a good deal that’s worth every penny.

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