paint it blackTanning enthusiasts, reviewers, and us experts altogether agree that the incredibly low price of this lotion is more than worth it with the amazing results you can get. The Millennium Tanning Paint it Black Tanning Lotion does more than darken your skin with its 50X auto-darkening technology and silicone emulsion blend, but produce a stunning work of art on your body!

Paint it Black is suitable for all skin types and people of all ages. Tanners will not experience discomfort since there’s no tingle action associated with irritation, itchiness and redness brought about by some harmful tanners.

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It’s a tanning lotion that serves as an accelerator and is brilliantly infused with moisturizers. You achieve a deep, dark, charming bronzed glow complemented with touchably soft and smooth, healthy skin.

Currently, this tanning solution has acquired a total of 1289 customer reviews and 4.1 out of 5 stars rating from a good number of satisfied Amazon customers. It’s undoubtedly included in the #1 Best Sellers in their smart Self Tanners category.

Expert Tanner Detailed Review


This tanning lotion belongs to the most sought after Millennium Tanning products, a brand well-known for their gorgeously tanned models and as provider of great tanning solutions at an affordable cost.

Bottle Size and Design

Paint it Black is available in a 13.5 oz or a 400mL standard tanning bottle. The glossy vivid black bottle is laden with white accents of a rose entwined in fine lines and curves alongside a classy-looking skull. You will surely rock the world with this lovely tanning lotion and your fresh, new bronzed tan look!

Lotion Consistency and Application

The consistency can be compared to your average tanning lotion, which isn’t that creamy thick and not too watery either. The color of the lotion exhibits a tan color, and felt delightfully silky smooth during application. It’s not recommended on the face though, and best practices entail you to put sunscreen first, allow to dry for an hour then apply the tanning lotion. Though there are no visible streaks at all, make certain you apply it evenly for a nice and even tan.


The fresh and clean scent similar to cherry or cotton blossom with a hint of vanilla. It is long lasting such that staying outside under the sun almost does not affect its sweet dainty scent much like of an indulging ice cream on a hot summer day!

Darkening Results

If you have medium to dark skin tone, then you’ve got yourself the ultimate tanning solution that works its way in just a few tanning sessions. Paint it Black is not advisable for beginners and those with fair skin, where a good base tan is a prerequisite. Otherwise, the DHA rich formula can make you look orangey, which is a total nightmare for any tanner! Also, applying a tanning oil beforehand can make it less effective.

Millennium Tanning has higher priced 60X and 100X auto-darkening tanning lotions too for stronger formulations, depending where you are at the tanning plateau levels.

Tanning Cost

Paint it Black is the best you can get among similarly priced products. In fact, it’s more than worthy of the price you have to pay which is unbelievably less than a dollar per ounce!

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