Millennium Tanning Black Storm Tanning LotionNeed to have a gorgeous, natural-looking tan for a special event or grand occasion? Whether it’s just around the corner or you still have a few weeks, this tanning lotion is your best bet.

You’ll be right on schedule with the Millenium Tanning Black Storm Tanning Lotion which impressively produces natural dark color that develops naturally, and continues to gradually even skin tone over time.

We discovered a good number of things through our use of this tanner and research of other customer feedback, which are outlined below.

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Primarily, it is comprised of a silicone emulsion blend which is a trademark of Millenium Tanning. Designed to be an extreme bronzer, this tanning lotion utilizes auto darkening technology which produces undeniably remarkable effects.

One of the noteworthy qualities of this exceptional tanner is that it renders immediate color enhancement which can be attributed to its time released bronzers. This works by deepening and enhancing your skin tone progressively by the day. Boasting a 60x darker color, you end up with an extremely satisfying tan and gain the storm of features the Black Storm holds!

As an Acai Oil based lotion, it incredibly yields 10x more the antioxidant benefits of other fruits while it deeply moisturizes your skin with safe, non-irritating ingredients. To date, it has garnered a beaming 4.1 stars from a total of 593 Amazon customer reviews, and is an awesome tanning solution to anyone on a budget.

Expert Tanner Detailed Review


Black Storm is formulated by the widely recognized Millenium Tanning, not only for their affordable tanning solutions, but the luxurious tan it produces which is quite evident with the envious skin their models flaunt!

Bottle Size and Design

The 13.5 ounce bottle is striking with the Black Storm signature futuristic look, radiating an elegant brown, yellow and black combinations you can bring anywhere in style.

Lotion Consistency and Application

It’s a non-greasy lotion that won’t make you feel sticky or gross. More over, it leaves you with a delightful baby soft and smooth skin right after use. It can be runny but allows for even application, and dries up fairly quickly. However, frequent tanners find themselves running out of it because the bronzed look is almost addictive, so it’s best to stock up.


The fruity fragrance gives off a nice tropical ambiance with its light, heavenly honey suckle scent for a relaxing tanning session. The aftermath of tanning may involve a faint burnt popcorn smell but can be easily overlooked with the outcome.

Darkening Results

About 2-3 sessions deliver a nice bronzed, golden dark color. Your skin is continually nourished with its long-lasting effects, without any peeling and even helps prevent wrinkles. It gets even better as you get at least 5 shades darker within a few weeks. Some customers attest that it’s surely more potent than Paint it Black, a similar product from the same brand. For a more darkening tan, it’s recommended to use the Millennium Tanning Solid Black lotion.

Tanning Cost

Purchasing it online lets you get the most out of what it’s worth rather than picking up one at a tanning salon, which can be as low as a quarter of its cost! This high-quality lotion is just about as little as a dollar per ounce.

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