jwoowDo you find yourself constantly looking for a quick and easy way to get a deep, gorgeous tan? Australian Gold JWOWW Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion makes the deepest tanning desires come true with the glowing image of a bronzed Goddess it unleashes in you! Jenni Farley from Jersey Shore is the perfect epitome, and it is downright sensible she endorses this great tanning solution.

The bronzing effects of black currant and kukui oil make it an outstanding black bronzer, while the moisturizing effects of this tanning lotion come from the brimming skin-smootheners it contains.

It is comprised of the hemp seed extract, walnut shell extract, cannabis sativa seed oil, betulba alba back extract, and various vitamins, which ensure your skin does not dry out.

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It is perfect for all skin types, and produces a flawless tan for anyone who uses it. A soft and sexy look is easily within reach with the best product that creates the best outcome. No wonder, it is one of the best-rated tinted tanning lotion available today.

Expert Tanner Detailed Review


This tanning lotion comes from one of the biggest names in the industry, Australian Gold, proven to provide the hottest tans that make you look and feel great!

Bottle Size and Design

Carry the Black Bronzer with you which is held in a handy 13.5 ounce bottle, elegantly dressed with the golden JWOWW emblem in a brilliant black backdrop that delivers a slick, classy appearance.

Lotion Consistency and Application

The JWOWW Black Bronzer has a good creamy consistency which is just right, not too thick nor too greasy. It’s almost a luxury to apply it since you can feel the richness in each dollop and enjoy the convenience of its easy and smooth application.

There won’t be any patches or tan lines with its super absorbent quality. This tanning lotion yields a sun-kissed body in an effortless way, even just outdoors without going to the tanning salon!


While the smell of tanning lotions is typically a downside, being unpleasant for most products with a strong odor, the JWOWW Black Bronzer has a subtle berry aroma that makes your skin even more irresistible. It is faint yet utterly pleasing to the senses that it can turn heads, only for others to see your magnificent glowing bronzed look!

Darkening Results

Just about 1-2 sessions is enough even for those who have fair skin to begin anew with a natural looking tan. This is why those who have managed to reach the tanning plateau will be extremely satisfied with this excellent lotion. While you get the beautiful black bronzed color you wish to have, this lotion likewise nourishes your skin with superior hydration.

You get a long-lasting tan enhanced with moisturized, soft and smooth skin protected from streaks. It is comfortable and highly preferable without the itching, burning sensation and redness after tanning.

Tanning Cost

This tanning lotion is reliable to give you a rich tan at an affordable cost. Considering the size of the bottle, it would be about a dollar and a half per ounce. It may be a bit more than renowned competitor lotions such as Millennium Tanning products, but its ample thickness requires a smaller amount during application. Also, it comes cheaper than other extravagant tanning lotions which promote the same ravishing effects.

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