Designer Skin Luminary Tanning LotionDesigner Skin Luminary Tanning Lotion is one of the top products you can get from today’s very competitive market. It boasts of a multi-functional system created to fight free radicals and produce the deep, dark tan many tanners seek.

This tanning solution features an L.E.D. complex which stands for Light Engaged Defiance, the excellent 25X Black Label Private Reserve, and the Magical Solar Silicone.

Altogether, these elements work together to endow you with a radiant bronzed tan look!

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It is ideal for all skin types and can be put on prior to indoor and outdoor tanning. Even tanners with highly sensitive skin attest to gaining a fabulous bronzed tan without having nasty and itchy blotches of redness and irritation. Instead, Luminary boosts the elasticity and smoothness of skin while eliciting a glowing color.

686 accumulated Amazon customer reviews with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. We are as impressed as the happy tanners who have purchased it, since we got to experience immediate results right on our first session of using this lotion.

Expert Tanner Detailed Review


Designer Skin is among the reputable companies that provide tanners with their essential tanning needs through high-quality, exceptional products, including the world’s best self tanners.

Bottle Size and Design

Luminary is remarkable for its trendy style, as seen in the 13.5 ounce bottle that’s made available to you. It looks pretty cool, literally with its dazzling blue color with silver sparkling glitters all over, which would kindle the princess within you!

Lotion Consistency and Application

The rich texture is very smooth and feels a bit thick yet applies lightly without being sticky afterwards. It dries up quickly and you’ll be tanning under the sun or in the tanning bed shortly after lathering it. Your skin instantly appears luminous as if having been showered with celestial stardust of a glorious bronzed tan!


Scent may be something you have to deal with tanning products, but this one doesn’t come too strong and smells really nice. This lotion has a subtle and sweet champagne fizz in its fragrance that’s like a heavenly perfume. It is highly pleasing during and after tanning sessions.

Darkening Results

Whether you are fair-skinned or have a base tan, you’ll surely be amazed with the outcome upon using the Luminary 25X, for its name says it all! Your skin appears soft and rich while it locks in light and emits a natural glow. This is made possible through its innovative solar silicone emulsion ingredient that nourishes the deep, glowing color of your body.

Tanning Cost

This sells rightfully at a luxurious price, but only at tanning salons or specialty stores, so it’s best to get it online, and more conveniently too. It sums up to about 3 dollars per ounce, which may be significantly higher than other tanning products. It’s the top choice of the year 2015, and sure is worth the price with the priceless tan you get out of it.

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